Sunday, November 30, 2008

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

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Friday, November 28, 2008

Giving Credit where Credit is Due

Ever since the election some 24 days ago, I have been pondering how Obama's team won this election. Granted, the economy did not help the Republican Party, an unpopular President pushed voters into the Democratic corner; that is all important, but what really won the election?

I have to give credit where credit is due. Given the same set of circumstances, I would have turned down public financing for the general election. Why hamstring yourself when you are breaking every fundraising record in existence, not to mention that the attention span of an American voter is less than three days, so Obama's promise to use public financing was not going to cost him any significant amount of votes.

Obama campaigned in all 50 states. He forced McCain to defend territory that he normally would not have to defend. Obama took the fight to McCain, instead of doing what the McCain people did and waited for the final three days to put up any significant fight.

Obama did not concede a single state during the campaign. McCain out the door handed Obama California, New York, Illinois and Michigan. Those four states accounted for 45.9% of the electoral votes needed. When you give your opponent that much of a head start, you are going to lose.

Although this election was more about firing George Bush than it was electing Obama, I will give credit where credit is due - they ran one helluva campaign from a strategic point of view.

This should serve as a lesson to the Republican Party that if you want to win, you need to campaign in all 50 states.

Park Closings are Blagojevich's Doing

The has an article about the park closings in Illinois due to the budget shortfall and several posters to the blog and comment section are blaming everything from the Republican Party to the Bush Administration.

The bottom line is the Blagojevich Administration has spent itself silly since they came into office and this is the result of that action. Blagojevich has been in office long enough and you cannot continue to blame previous administrations for his inept handling of the state finances.

We had a chance to solve the problem, instead we made it worse by nominating the worst possible Republican candidate in the field and she had her perverbial fanny handed to her on a silver platter.

Illinois may be a blue state at this point, but nothing lasts forever.

The Fat Lady is Warming UP Rosie

Rosie Odonnell's new variety show has flopped. Ratings were poor, reviews were and are negative, and the fat lady is warming up for her debut; so practice that wave good bye Rosie because you are about to be history.

Walmart Worker Killed by Out of Control Shoppers

A Temporary Walmart employee was killed this morning when out of control shoppers broke down the door just after 5am, crushing him in the enslaught.

I hope those gifts were worth this 34 year old's life; how anyone could step on another in an attempt to be the first is beyond me and Walmart bears responsibility as well.

These stores encourage this type of behaviour with their "early bird", "door buster" sales.

It is time for them to stop, and if they will not do so on their own, then I encourage the local authorities to step in and ensure that they do; this world has now been robbed of a 34 year old man's contribution to society and for what? A lousy material item. It stinks.

Newsweek is anything but objective

I spent the better of the afternoon reading through the December 1 edition of Newsweek and I have not come across a magazine or newspaper that has shown its bias more so than I saw today.

Jonathan Alter and Dahlia Lithwick are two of the worst offenders. They are not reporters, they engage in partisan, anti-Bush, Republican bashing, diatribes that are not worthy of the National Enquirer.

I have no problem with reporters discussing their opinions, their views; however when they do they need to make it crystal clear that they are NOT REPORTING, but engaging in a personal dialogue. Crossing the line between news and editorializing is a sin for reporters, or was at one time; I suppose for these generational individuals, I am the old fuddy duddy who needs to shut up and go away.

Fat chance that is going to happen. I will continue to point out what I see as violations of the unwritten rule of editorializing in the name of news.

MIchele Obama needs to be careful

In a joint interview with her husband on 60 minutes Michele Obama recently made the statement "Since when was it ever soothing for you to wash the dishes?"

My mother would take exception with that statement. In her 70+ years the one time of the day she enjoyed the most, the time that she was able to relax and take a moment to reflect was during the time she spent washing the dishes.

I would venture to say that Michele Obama has not actually washed a dish in a number of years.

I would caution her to be careful and not make the same mistakes that Hillary did. She is the First Lady, not the Assistant President.